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Bar List

Anthem Vault publishes the current bar list of all gold and silver bars held in storage. Each time a new bar enters our vault, the fine weight (rounded down to the nearest .001 oz) is added to Anthem Vault's inventory to be sold to our clients. By always rounding down, Anthem Vault ensures that there is always a very slightly greater amount of metal stored in the vault than the sum of metal owned by all account holders plus metal held by Anthem Vault as inventory.

The 'AV Bar Code' developed by Anthem Vault is a unique identification code appended by the vault operator to each bar that enters our vault. This feature further enhances our bar auditing procedures by ensuring Anthem Vault and our independent, world-class nonbank vault operator can both match each exact bar in our vault with a truly unique identifier (as some refiners repeat serial numbers or do not inscribe a serial number at all on 1-kilogram bars).

Our bullion is insured for loss by theft or natural disaster. Details of the coverage provided under the policy can be obtained upon request. Upon opening and setting up their Anthem Vault account, a client can ask one of our client support staff to email a copy of the Certificate of Insurance, which certifies insurance coverage of all metal held are protected from physical loss or damage.

Metal AV Bar Code Refiner Serial Number Gross Weight (oz.) Fineness Fine Weight (oz.) Date Received
Gold AVG3215BS74 Ohio Precious Metals LLC 14146280 32.150 0.9999 32.146 October 26, 2021 12:23
Silver AVS1000BS131 Johnson Matthey 32753-8 971.900 0.9990 970.928 November 9, 2021 15:22

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